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Great Room Decorative Timbers
Whole House Decorative Timbers
Full Timberframe Home
Keep warm.

Keep warm.


Pre-Finished Wood
Pre-Finished Wood with Stone

Aluminum Clad Vinyl
Aluminum Clad Wood

Security System
Security System + Speakers + CVAC
Security System + In-House Audio + In-House Video + CVAC + Smart Phone Interaction

Vinyl & Carpet
Midgrade Hardwood & Tile
High-end Wide Plank Flooring & Tile

Painted Hardwood
Solid Wood Stained

Stained Cabinets With Laminate Tops
Painted Cabinets Wtih Laminate Tops
High-end Painted Cabinets with Quartz Top

Acrylic Shower Units & Base Fixtures
Tile Showers With Glass & Base Fixtures
Tile Showers With Glass & Heigh-end Fixtures

Insulated & Drywalled

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