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One of the most common questions we get is, ‘how much would this cost?’

The truth is, it all depends on what you’re dreaming of. By using the tool below, we are able to provide you with a rough estimate for the price of your next project. Each custom build is unique and this is simply a starting point area, but we welcome a meeting to discuss further.

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Great Room Decorative Timbers
Whole House Decorative Timbers
Full Timberframe Home


Pre-Finished Wood
Pre-Finished Wood with Stone

Aluminum Clad Vinyl
Aluminum Clad Wood

Security System
Security System + Speakers + CVAC
Security System + In-House Audio + In-House Video + CVAC + Smart Phone Interaction

Vinyl & Carpet
Midgrade Hardwood & Tile
High-end Wide Plank Flooring & Tile

Painted Hardwood
Solid Wood Stained

Stained Cabinets With Laminate Tops
Painted Cabinets Wtih Laminate Tops
High-end Painted Cabinets with Quartz Top

Acrylic Shower Units & Base Fixtures
Tile Showers With Glass & Base Fixtures
Tile Showers With Glass & Heigh-end Fixtures

Insulated & Drywalled

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